Ana Ros

Date: 23 & 24 SEPTEMBER
Time: 7.00 PM FOR 7.30 PM START
Price: THB 6,900

Prices are subject to 10% service charge and 7% prevailing government tax.

Name: Chef Ana Ros
Chef at: Hisa Franko
Location: Kobarid, Slovenia

In the heart of Europe lies the small country of Slovenia. With lush Alpine valleys dotted, vast green meadows and sparklingly clean rivers and lakes, the country has recently emerged as a top travel destination. Working in the family restaurant of Hisa Franko, overlooking the sloping hills of the Slovenian countryside is Ana Ros, a one of a kind chef – who, by stretching her imagination through the exploration of the beautiful Slovenian countryside, has developed her own unique cusine. Chef Ana is the co-owner of Hisa Franko, her husband Valter’s, familial guest house, in the alpine Soca Valley on the border of Italy. Her stoves there have been manned by Michelin-starred chef Mauro Colagreco while Chef Guzman landed in the Michelin-starred Septime kitchen in Paris. The flowery, herbal, yet delicate and precise nature of Chef Ana’s cooking has made her the only woman, so far, to have joined the Cook it Raw group of chefs.

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